Antigua & Barbuda’s CIU Has Improved The existing Citizenship By Investment Programs

by Sep 25, 2020Citizenship By Investment

Recently, in an interview, Charmaine Donovan – CEO of CIU Antigua and Barbuda talked about updating the current Citizenship by Investment programs and improving the immigration application process which is implemented by CIU – Citizenship by Investment Unit. A few questions answered related to the Antigua Barbuda Citizenship discussed in that interview are covered in this article by Etica to help aspiring immigrants make an informed decision.

How have the last few months been for Antigua and Barbuda’s Investment Program?

In general, the pandemic has affected every aspect of life around the globe, not just the citizenship programs industry. Though still, the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program has sustained to gain noteworthy interest. Continuous convenience during the quarantine period and CIU’s capability to promptly make the needed changes to ease the new digital normal were welcomed for the betterment of aspiring immigrants. Ultimately, this resulted in an increase in queries and a stream of immigration applications.

What changes were made to the Citizenship by Investment program recently?

Throughout 2020, the major focus was put on updating the current offerings of the program. A third pathway was introduced that allowed real estate ownership to applicants by purchasing an approved real estate valued at a minimum of US$200,000 as an investment.  The current co-application for the real estate program, with every applicant investing a minimum of US$200,000, was also made perpetual and is no longer a time-limited offer. Moreover, it was made apparent to the current real estate owners that they can resell their estates under the program after a five-year holding period.

How CIU digitalized and streamlined the Immigration application process?

The CIU started transitioning to processing immigration applications online in the latter part of 2019 by introducing an online portal. The portal enables immigration agents to upload, submit, and track applications on behalf of applicants. In early 2020, a control group began testing the portal and after getting the feedback, CIU made some required tweaks to it for facilitating its roll-out.

Moreover, CIU also streamlined application processing by altering the process and timing of the submission of required documents. Technically, the process was divided into stages and the agents were notified of which documents are necessary for every stage. This level of seamlessness meant that immigration applications would be submitted sooner. And now, by simplifying the process with digitalization, the processing time is cut down to six weeks in most cases.

Has there been a change in countries applicants over the past few months?

The pandemic has set priorities into a clear focus for many, globally. As a consequence, many people are seeking safer and less populated destinations across oceans to relocate with their families. Therefore, even though we are still witnessing notable interest from the usual jurisdictions, there is a prominent rise in application submissions from the Middle East, African Continent, and South-West Asia. All in all, considering that Antigua and Barbuda’s citizenship by investment offers visa-free travel to 165 jurisdictions, there’s no doubt that it draws every immigrant attention to get citizenship.

Why are immigrants seeking second citizenship?

The level of versatility provided to holders of the Antigua & Barbuda passport has constantly been a leveraging factor to the citizenship by investment program. And as the awareness of the program rises, aspiring immigrants are discovering that there are advantages of being a citizen of this promising nation, which is one of the Best Countries for Citizenship by Investment.

Lately, applicants have become more interested after looking at the way the government has handled the pandemic upgrading and developing the application processing system.

Today, prospective applicants have reacted with much enthusiasm concerning the fact that they can add to the sustainability of such a life-altering investment. Thus, attracting them towards this program that gets them second citizenship; at the start of 2020’s second quarter.

Does this citizenship provide security and peace of mind to immigrants?

The holders of citizenship in Antigua & Barbuda won’t have to experience something that disturbs their peace of mind and security during these uncertain times. Once they reside in the peaceful and safe twin islands, they will surely feel confident about the security protocols that are executed, the improvements to the healthcare system, and the working environment. So, if you are currently not a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, one of the leading Immigration Consultancy Dubai firms is Etica Immigration for their citizenship program, contact one of the immigration consultants at Etica for further queries.

Summing it all

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment in Antigua & Barbuda offers countless investment opportunities and advantages for its immigrants aspiring to become citizens. In addition to versatility, it has something to offer to every entrepreneur and executive who seeks business and investment opportunities.

Moreover, Antigua & Barbuda also promises secure and quality living standards, world-class education facilities, and healthcare. Hence, being providers of Migration Services Dubai, we suggest, wait no more. Apply now and Get Citizenship by Investment with the help of our Consultants for Visa at Etica Immigration.