Citizenship by Investment


Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, after Sicily and Sardinia. Cyprus enjoys an intense Mediterranean climate with long dry summers starting in mid-May and lasting until mid-October and quite mild winters from December to February. Spring and autumn are effectively short intervals in between. The food of Cyprus reflects the rich and turbulent history of the island and its indelible Greek culture. You will find tastes influenced by the Middle East, Asia Minor and the Venetians.

Quick Facts
Population 90,156
Time to Residency 3 Months
Currency Euro
Passport Strength 17th
GDP 27.42 Billion US$
Time to Citizenship 8 Years

Benefits of the Program:

  • Quickest process to residency (3-4 months)
  • Access to Cyprus healthcare
  • No language test required

Investment Options:

A full purchase and ownership of a residence of value of EUR 300,000 plus VAT

A bank deposit of EUR 30,000 into a Cypriot bank to be maintained for 3 years

The applicant should prove at least EUR 30,000 income for himself and plus EUR 5,000 for each dependent on him family member

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