Citizenship by Investment


Grenada is a Caribbean country covering one main island and six smaller islands surrounding it. Spice Isle is what the island is named because it is home to many nutmeg farms. It’s also the country of the capital – St. George’s, whose picturesque homes, Georgian structures, and early-18th-century Fort George are something no one can overlook. 


Quick Facts
Population 110,152
Time to Citizenship 4 Months
Currency EC$
Passport Strength 39th
GDP 835.6 Million US$
Visa-Free Tavel To 121 Countries

Benefits of the Program

  • Quick process (4-5 months)
  • Minimum Processing Fee
  • No educational or management experience required
  • Strong ties with the USA allowing Grenada citizens to reside and set up businesses in the USA (E2)
  • Includes dependent parents and children under the age of 26
  • Investments with a guaranteed buy-back exit strategy
  • No physical landing or residency required
  • No tax on worldwide income or profit
  • Excellent price for large families
  • Future generations can receive citizenship

Personal Requirements to Acquire Citizenship 

To secure its people and international reputation, the Government of Grenada only grants citizenship to applicants who are deserving of it. Hence, the Government denies applications of applicants who; 

  • Provides misleading information on his or her immigration application
  • Has been sentenced in any country for a crime whose custodial punishment in Grenada is of more than six months
  • Is subject to a criminal investigation
  • Is held as a possible national security risk to Grenada or any other country
  • Is associated with any action likely to cause degradation to Grenada

 Furthermore, the applicants must prove that they are; 

  • Above the age of 18 
  • In sound health
  • Financed with enough legal funds to meet the investment requirements

 To assure that the every mentioned requirement is completely adhered to, Grenada’s government subjects every applicant to strict due diligence policies. Besides, every applicant needs to complete their application with supporting documents. The documents include; 

  • Certification by a medical person indicating that the applicant is not suffering from any contagious disease and is otherwise in the best of health. 
  • Police Clearance Certificate

Investment Options:

A non-refundable US$150,000 donation to Grenada’s National Transformation Fund (NTF).
Property Ivestment
Purchase a property from an approved government real estate project for at least US$220,000. The property must be retained for a minimum of three years.

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