Residency by Investment


Hungary’s thousand years of history is only one intriguing aspect of this country in East Central Europe. Influences from other countries, the unique characteristics of the Hungarian language, and regional traditions and culture contribute to its complexity. Home to Budapest, considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Hungary has it all, mountains, lakes and beautiful river scenes.

Quick Facts
Population 9,859,656
Time to Residency 2 Months
Currency Hungarian Forint
Passport Strength 7th
GDP 196.6 Billion US$
Time to Citizenship 8 Years

Benefits of the Program:

  • Quickest route to permanent Schengen and EU residency
  • Choice of temporary and/or permanent residency
  • Dependent parents can be included
  • No trips to Hungary required
  • Inclusion of dependent children
  • One application process for applicant and family

Investment Options:

Investing in Government Bond
  • The investor can purchase of special Hungarian government bonds
  • An amount of €300,000.
  • Hungarian Residency Bond Investment: EUR 300,000 to be fully returned at the end of the fifth year. Government processing fee cheapest e market.

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