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EB5 Investor Program

The United States holds a very diverse population that comes from extensive and sustained global immigration programs like the EB5 Investor Program. The main character of the United States is probably its cultural diversity. Its environment outspreads from the Arctic to the subtropical, from the rain forests to the dry deserts, from the hilly mountain peaks to the flat plains.

What Is the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program About?

The EB-5 Investment Program is an immigration pathway to acquire a green card and permanent residency in the United States by investment. This program enables foreign nationals with a high net worth to invest in a business located in the US and acquire a green card, which will make them a lawfully permanent resident of the country.

The investment pathway leads the investor to permanently reside and work in the US with their spouse and dependent children who are less than 21 years in age.

USCIS – the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services operates this investor visa program, which was established by the US Congress in 1990; to promote investment in the US economy.

Quick Facts
Population 318,892,103
Time to Residency 18 Months
Currency US Dollar
Passport Strength 2nd
GDP 16.72 Trillion US$
Time to Citizenship 7 Years

Benefits of the Program

  • No language skills or minimum education required
  • Can apply for citizenship after five years under the EB5 Visa Program
  • World-class education & healthcare
  • High standards of living
  • Good market for investments and business opportunities

Investment Options:

  • An investment of US$ 1 million into a new commercial enterprise that creates a minimum of 10 jobs
  • An investment in the regional sector worth US$ 500,000 that creates a minimum of 10 new jobs

Need Help?

Etica provides complete guidance through the EB-5 Visa Processing to aspiring immigrants. Our immigration consultants are always there to help navigate the applicants through the process of getting an EB-5 Investor Visa. Even though the program is a complex one that emphasizes investors to invest and create new job opportunities for the locals of the States, our team leaves no stone unturned to get applicants an investor visa hassle-free!

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